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Learning AutoCAD

cad imageThis site consists of free tutorials on learning AutoCAD. The tutorials are designed for beginners who need comprehensive training. It covers basic skills and commands. The tutorials are step by step with some instructional videos. Several AutoCAD video tutorials are audible and captioned for the hearing impaired. Also, we offer free AutoCAD blocks and symbols to download.

Autocad 2006 and 2008 versions are used in the demonstrations, but previous versions are also compatible. If you do not have a copy of the AutoCAD software, you can download a free 30-day trial version (light or full version) by visiting the Autodesk website.

Tutorials are uploaded frequently on the tutorials pages.  Therefore, please check periodically. The tutorials are also available in a printer friendly PDF format for those who would like to print them and keep a hard copy. Feel free to pass them on to a friend or refer them to the website.


AutoCAD Image

This is an AutoCAD print image of an apartment’s furniture plan.

autocad drawing

Image of the month by: James Dumorne



We have launched a blog site, come visit us at Learn AutoCAD! The CAD tip section has been moved to our blog page. All new tips will be posted there.

Tutorials covered

We have covered the following tutorials so far:

Drawing a line, trim a line, draw a circle, extend a line, drawing a rectangular polyline, working with a rotated background, creating a fillet, how xref works, cad layers, cad table, creating an array of objects, drawing a rectangle, pan and zoom, CAD block, Block attribute, Text style, Hatch patterns, Dimension style and many more to come.

Random Tutorial

How to draw a line?

This is the first of our many tutorials. Drawing a line is the first thing people get to learn and also the simplest command of all. It is very easy to understand and helpful to get a feeling how the software runs.

autocad line

How to draw a line

This video shows you how to draw a line by using the Line symbol in the tool menu. It is non audible and captioned for the hearing impaired.

CAD Tip of the Month

Have you ever tried to delete a layer and you get this dialogue box on the right? That is because that layer contains objects in it or it is an xref dependent layer. Therefore, you cannot delete it.

Now you can, by using the command LAYDEL. It will let you delete the layer whether it is being used or not.

Keep in mind though, it will also delete any object on that layer from the drawing.

warning message