Unexploded Block

To prevent a block from being exploded when inserting the block use the command MINSERT. When prompted, set the number of row or columns to any numbers except 1. Then go to the property of the block and change that row or column back to 1. This will prevent the block from showing as an array. This command is also good if you want to create an array with a block.
NB: You cannot use MINSERT with annotative blocks.

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  1. ROB says:

    I have inserted a field of points from mapinfo. (shape file to table to dxf / dwg) they come in as points in the correct location. Ineed to replace them with symbols. I wrote a block and named it the same as the unexploded point. It inserts and asks to replace. tell it yes and it does but it comes in on the other side of the screen. Like it is locating off of 0,0 maybe. Any ideas? Thanks, Rob

  2. admin says:

    It seems like the insertion points from the mapinfo and your blocks do not have the same coordinates. If you are creating blocks make sure the base point has the same coordinate as the ones from the mapinfo.

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