Line type

To edit or create your own line type:
a)    Type LINETYPE in the command line.
b)    When the Linetype manager dialogue comes up, click on the load button (on top right of the menu).
click on file.
c)    Select the browser arrow down to find out the location of your acad.lin file.
d)    Open notepad or notepad++ and browse for the acad.lin file location.
e)    Follow the format below. Once you are done save the file as a .lin extension.

line type

Line type Definition Format

1- Line type name. (You can use underscore but no spaces).
2- Line type description. (It is limited to 47 characters in length).
3- Line type symbol appearance.
4- Length between each symbol.
5- Drawing unit space length before the symbol.
6- Line type symbol.
7- Type of line type (complex).
8- Line type scale
9- Angle of rotation for the line symbol.
10- X-coordinate position.
11- Y-coordinate position.
12-Drawing unit space length after the symbol.

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