CAD Menu bar

A quick tip for enabling your Menu bar is to type MENUBAR in your command area and set the value to one (1). A value of zero (0) will turn the Menu bar off.





You can also right-click on the Menu bar and deselect it to turn it off.

menu bar


LAYWALK, an efficient tool for managing drawings and layers

Laywalk is a very primitive command in AutoCAD but it is mostly ignored or overlooked by most of the CAD users despite its great features and user friendly behavior. LAYWALK allows you to view objects of a particular layer(s) without using On/off or freeze/thaw features of Layer property manager. This is an intuitive way of checking objects in a drawing containing lots of layers.


To start the laywalk window type LAYWALK on the command line and press enter or select the laywalk tool from expanded Layers panel of Home tab. A window similar to the one shown below will appear with a list of all layers in the drawing and a layer count on top of the window.








By default all of the layers in Laywalk window will be selected and hence all objects will be visible. To make objects on a particular layer visible simply click on the name of layer name from this list of layers in the layer walk window and only objects of that particular layer will become visible in the drawing area. In order to select multiple layers, you can use CTRL or shift key.

Selecting Layer from Drawing

If for some reasons you don’t want to select layers from the list of layers then you can also select objects directly from the drawing area and all objects on the selected layer of the objects will become visible.

To make this clear let’s assume that we don’t know the layers of some objects in our drawing and we want to highlight objects of a particular layer.

Select the LAYWALK command and then press enter. Click on Select objects button on the top of this window as shown in the image below.


The Layer Walk window will disappear for a moment and you can now select objects from the drawing area. Click on any object of the layer you want to keep visible, you can select multiple objects from different layers as well.

Once you have done your selection press enter and you will notice that only objects of selected layer will become visible in the drawing area and only those layers will become highlighted in the Layer Walk window as well as shown in the image below.




Other LAYWALK features:

After making a selection of layers from the LAYWALK window if you want to keep only objects of selected layers visible in the main drawing area even after exiting Layer Walk window then uncheck Restore on exit check box at the end of the Layer Walk window. You will notice that visibility of all of the layers will be turned off except the selected layers of Layer Walk window.

You can also purge layers from the layer walk window and if you are not able to find a particular layer in your list then simply use the text field on the top of layer walk window to search for it.


About the Author:

Jaiprakash pandey is a Mechanical Engineer currently working as CAD Corporate trainer. He is an Autodesk AutoCAD certified professional and an Autodesk expert elite member. He provides training in AutoCAD, CATIA and other CAD products to corporate clients. He is a regular contributor to AUGI world magazine and he also develops AutoCAD video courses for Pluralsight and his own platform SourceCAD. You can reach him on his blog SourceCAD.

Edit PDF Drawings in AutoCAD with Able2Extract PDF Converter

CAD design software and, namely, AutoCAD, is used in many industries for all sorts of projects. For example, it’s used in professions such as architecture, design engineering, construction, landscaping or office building design.

AutoCAD supported formats are DWG and DXF. However, when it comes time to share plans and drawings with clients and other stakeholders, AutoCAD users often convert their drawings into PDF. Converting CAD drawings into PDF before sending them for review, approval and feedback is a good idea because there is a good chance that your clients might not have AutoCAD, since it’s fairly expensive software to own if you aren’t using it on a regular basis. The PDF is a file format that is convenient for these purposes because anyone can open and view it, and best of all, the drawing will look exactly the way you intended it to appear no matter what platform your client’s computer is running on.

Another benefit of the PDF is that it is a compact file format, which makes sharing it quick and easy. It’s also a popular format to use for archiving purposes. The main problem with PDF is that this format cannot be edited. This becomes an issue for CAD professionals who receive a drawing in PDF that they need to work on and manipulate further, or if they want to reuse some of their archived work. In such instances, it would be best to have a tool that can convert these PDF drawings into AutoCAD supported formats (DWG or DXF) so that they can be further edited in AutoCAD.

If you are looking for a professional PDF to AutoCAD converter, chances are you’ll come across’s Able2Extract PDF Converter. It’s one of the best known PDF to DWG/DXF desktop solutions, especially since its latest release v.8. The reason is that with the aforementioned release, the software became fully available not only to MS Windows users, but to MacOS and Linux users as well.

The first thing that you notice once you install and start up the software is that it’s easy to use. Despite the comprehensive nature of this PDF solution and multiple available conversion options (like PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML, Text, AutoCAD and more), the software’s interface is very intuitive and easy to understand.

PDF to AutoCAD conversion is performed in practically three steps:

1. Open the document that you wish to convert using the Open command on the File menu (Open icon on the toolbar or a keyboard shortcut CTRL+O).

file open menu

2. Select the PDF drawing or part of the file for conversion. If you want to convert the entire file, click on the “All” toolbar icon. If you only wish to convert a certain drawing within the file, click the “Area” icon and then select the content you wish to convert using your mouse.

all area menu

3. Now click on the “AutoCAD” toolbar icon to choose the conversion output format (DWG or DXF) and customize conversion output.

autocad menu

As you can see on the picture below, there are a number of customizations options. That includes the option to specify the color palette, as well as a range of additional options.

covert to autocad

These options help to customize your conversion output prior to conversion so you can get down to work on the extracted drawing right after conversion without additional tweaking. If you want to make these options the standard for all PDF to AutoCAD conversions, click the “Keep current settings as default” box before converting the file.

Once you’ve customized your options, click the “Convert” button.

Able2Extract will convert the PDF drawing into layers directly, which lets you get to work as soon as you open your newly converted file in AutoCAD.

Having tested Able2Extract’s conversion capabilities in detail, I can summarize that Able2Extract delivers what it promises: it recovers CAD drawings from PDF quickly and accurately, enabling the users to manipulate and edit them as required.

If you want to test out Able2Extract and see if it suits your needs, download a free 7-day trial.

Expert cad 3d tutorials

The use of CAD program in films has become increasingly more prevalent over recent quite a few years, culminating in the present-day plethora of 3D videos like Despicable Me plus Megamind. It’s also utilized for 2D movies to build characters within live actions movies, not just computer animated ones. If you’ve seen Lord from the Rings, for example, Golem is fashioned using a sophisticated type of CAD software.

The general public may use this software within a rather less sophisticated manner as nowadays there are several free packages to choose from online to download you can use to create impressive 2D and also 3D models.

Paid for software is likewise available and, of tutorials, offers a bit far more power and versatility, though unlike the commercial packages employed by big business and sector.
Another Parliamentary session will include no less than three separate Bills relating to major changes or attempt involving planning-related legislation. The Government’s draft legislative program for your Parliamentary session 2008/09, just published includes proposals to help with making Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) planning authorities, reform the existing historical protection system and set up a new marine planning program.

As part of the energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), April 2008 signals the start of the legal requirement to experience in your possession a power Performance Certificate for business buildings (classed as non-dwellings) for you to construct, lease or offer.

With the now undeniable decline from the housing market, there might be plenty of people deciding to increase their homes rather as compared to dip their toes within a unstable housing market.

The consequences of all of the above will be an increased demand on the preparation departments of Local Authorities of which this will necessitate an market place standard, affordable and easy to understand and use CAD system at the center of the planning department.

It is important the fact that CAD system chosen is able to read all the main file formats even though many extra ones as you possibly can, as plans submitted via the Planning Portal comes into play many different formats. Also, existing records may always be stored in little applied file formats. As long as this CAD package is versatile in its support of a number of file formats, then swapping files with others, authorities, agents or architects do not throw up any difficulties. The system chosen must read and also save in all DWG types, both new and old together with DXF.

With the increase using of Google Sketch Up, a free of charge download, it also makes sense for you to open and edit most of these files.

Being able to save as PDF permits anyone to send layouts to those without his or her CAD package and to be able to bring in PDF, rescale and read down measurements from those submitted will be an extremely useful instrument, saving time on both sides with the planning application process.

The application needed to fulfill these requirements does not want to be ‘top heavy’, needing long stretches of expensive training or contain a great deal of top end features that happen to be not needed and which simply make the responsibility in hand more complicated than it be. This will reduce processing projects adding spare expense, but giving basically no benefit.


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An Introduction to Paper to CAD Conversion

Before CAD became a drafting industries standard train Drafters would draw every single line by hand currency a drafting board, and many hand held tools. This method was much more cumbersome, and for isometric drawings(3D) it could possibly take days or weeks to complete complicated renderings. Over the third ten years, several software companies get made advancements to CAD software making the project of drafting more user friendly on the pc.

If your not no stranger to CAD or CADD it’s typically the acronym for Computer Aided Drafting. Sometimes its categorised as Computer Aided Drafting Type also. 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional drawings manufactured when the draftsmen enters information to a CAD software program. Lines are drawn around the X, Y, and Z axis to produce 3 dimensional models. When designing 2D drawings only your X, and Y axis are utilized which represent the kept, right, up, and decrease directions. The Z axis used to create 3D varieties and represents the interesting depth.

I can remember being child my Father illustrating me to draw collections, and to write my A, B, C’s with a drafting board he manufactured for my room. These boards enjoy a sliding ruler which allowed someone to create lines in a fabulous straight fashion, and these people were covered with a slick material. This allowed rulers, along with tools to slide effortlessly along its surface without catching to barefoot. The task was additional daunting, and you must be extremely careful when drawing lines because kept in mind however an eraser mistakes could possibly be seen easily. I enjoyed drafting something like this as a kid, but since I’ve been exposed to CAD I would never return.

It seems like each year advancements in computer technological innovation go farther and quicker compared to the year before it. When I first commenced using CAD software all the lines would have to be put in manually with commands over the keyboard. They would tell animoto to create the lines place to begin, length, and what opinion to direction it. This process seemed to take forever when compared to way lines are generated nowadays. With the CAD software currently you can perform a myriad of commands in a 3D habitat. For instance, if you wanted incorporate a radius to a corner that had been created, all you have to do is click the command for a fillet. It will then ask you in a dimension on the radius, and as you enter the dimension it’s going to create a perfectly clean and rounded corner.

CAD drafting technology becomes tough one every year with the actual introduction of updated software package. For now, and I feel for evere ? to come, CAD software will the drafting industries traditional practice for creating design, mechanical, civil, electrical, water lines, and any other variety design work. The times of using hand software, and drafting boards has ended. These techniques will hardly ever disappear, but for now will stay more of a hobby to many draftsmen.
Becoming a 3D CAD designer normally requires time, and an understanding of ways to manipulate the commands at your disposal within CAD software. With a number my very own trade secrets I will allow you to design 3D models within half the time it requires most CAD designers.


My first work was a student in 2000 almost 10 many years in cad design.

Benefits Of CAD Design Software In Interior Design

This saves a ton of your time since the projects is often shared instantly and end up being edited by multiple designers. Previously, this process required many scanning or faxing between with everyone making their unique changes. Today, all of this is certainly done instantly, in a person place. Another way that this technology makes the plan process more efficient happens because designing often requires numerous images to be used consistantly. CAD technology allows one to store and use these folks whenever and wherever you should have them.

Where to Start Learning CAD to further Your Career

Since you are thinking about learning CAD to further a current career, taking a full undergraduate or graduate course-load is probably unthinkable. Plus, you don’t really need all of those extra, unrelated courses. Quite often, your ideal choice is an online program and / or certification course. These courses range anywhere from several months to a year, which compared to traditional education isn’t an time at all. Not alone is this path considerably quicker, but it also lets you focus on CAD technology rather than bunch of unrelated programs.

CAD Drafting will be new standard for developing technical drawings for construction, mechanical, civil, electrical, pipe joints, and more. The CAD software on the market from companies like Autodesk have new built-in features that allow CAD designers to make 3D models in half the amount of time it once took. If you’re able to take advantage of these kind of commands, and mix that having a few secrets of this trade, it’s a recipe for precise design in half the time. If you listen to a lot of the hints I give you will here, and put the crooks to practice it’ll be not enough available time before your designing being a pro.

When first learning a skill of CAD drafting you understand how to create lines, circles, radius, and even arcs at certain dimensions, to create 2D paintings. If you take a look at the commands within it you can design things whether it’s architecture, or mechanical much quicker. Offset is one for the commands that comes in useful nearly all time. This will help you to spread out a single line or multiple lines to whatever measurement everyone input. Copy when used correctly can save large volumes of time. This will allow for the CAD Drafter to help you basically copy any objects drawn and place him or her wherever. Mirroring is one in every of my favorite commands. Most designs have lines besides other objects equidistant from a point in the center of the design. If you split the form in half, draw it again, and perform the mirror command along with the point of mirror with the center point we mentioned, you can getaway with only drafting 50 % of the design.

Those commands just might help you achieve your design faster for 2D designs, but when 3D modeling there’s a couple more you need to know about. The first and quite a few well know 3D command is extrude. This would be the process of transforming any polyline(combination of lines that connect) perfectly into a three dimensional object. One thing most families don’t realize is that it is known to cut out areas likewise. Once you’ve mastered this command the following on the list is revolve.


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