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A quick tip for enabling your Menu bar is to type MENUBAR in your command area and set the value to one (1). A value of zero (0) will turn the Menu bar off.         You can also right-click on the Menu bar and deselect it to turn it off.


LAYWALK, an efficient tool for managing drawings and layers Laywalk is a very primitive command in AutoCAD but it is mostly ignored or overlooked by most of the CAD users despite its great features and user friendly behavior. LAYWALK allows you to view objects of a particular layer(s) without using On/off or freeze/thaw features of […]

AutoCAD Base Drawing

Have you ever worked with multiple drawings that have xrefed ones among them and found that they are not lining up? You are working with multiple floors, for example. When you xref one floor to the other and they are not lined up. It could be that they were not drawn at the same origin […]

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Open multiple drawings

You can open multiple drawings and attach multiple xrefs at once in AutoCAD, providing that you have enough memory and your machine is powerful enough to handle all the files.

Here is how to do that: In the Open File dialogue box, simply hold down the SHIFT button on your keyboard and select the first and the last files from the list of drawings that you need to open. Hit Open. If you need to open multiple files, but they are not in sequence, use the CTRL button instead of SHIFT.

The above procedure works also with your Windows Explorer, just hit ENTER instead of OPEN.

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Paper space display color

Have you noticed that when you create a new layout in a new drawing, all your cad layers are displayed in white (color) in paper space, even though you assigned them a specific color? That is because you probably have the “display plot styles” box checked. It is unchecked by default in AutoCAD. To fix that follow this simple steps:

Select the layout tab that you want to modify

Right click on the layout tab

Select Page Setup Manager

Make sure the layout is highlighted under Page setups on the left side

Select Modify

Uncheck the “Display plot styles” box below the Plot style table (pen assignments) in the upper right hand corner of the window.

Click OK.

Select “close” for the Page Setup Manager window.

Save your drawing to keep the change.

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Mirror Text -Autocad

Have you ever wanted to mirror an object in AutCAD with the text not showing backward? mirror-text

To accomplish that:

Type:  MIRRTEXT in the command line

At the command prompt change the value number to “0”.  See the result image below.


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