How to modify your list of scales

When you scale your view in the plotted drawing or paper space, you can use the standard scale list from AutoCAD in the property manager of the viewport instead of using the old method XP factor…. But if you cannot find the scale, do not worry. You can always add or modify the list of scales in the dialogue box. It is really simple: From your AutoCAD command type SCALELISTEDIT. Select the scale from the list to modify. If you need to add more select the “ADD” button. When the add scale dialogue pops up, name your new scale and change the “Drawing units” according to your scale. Hit “OK ” and you are done. Pretty simple! Take a look at our handy list of scales available for your use here

Expand viewport using VPMAX

You can use VPMAX  (same as double-click within a viewport layout) or VPMIN (same as double-click outside a viewport layout) to switch within model space and paper space tab of a layout.
VPMAX expands the current viewport for editing and VPMIN restores the current layout viewport.
The advantage of using these two commands is that you can pan and zoom while you are in model space, and when you go back to paper space the position and scale of the objects in the layout viewport remain unchanged.
It is useful when you zoom in a viewport on paper space while your viewport borders are not visible and accidentally double click inside the viewport and you cannot double click out.


Have you noticed that when you double click inside a viewport in AutoCAD, the view automatically zooms out and then you have to rescale the viewport? It could be really annoying, especially if you do not know the original scale of the viewport. Well, it has something to do with your UCS setting. To correct that, you need to change the UCSFOLLOW value to “0”.  To make the change, try this: while inside the viewport type UCSFOLLOW in the command line and enter “0” for the value. That corrects only the current viewport, because the UCSFOLLOW setting is saved separately for each viewport. Apply the same method for each viewport

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