Xref Manager

If you are working on a big project and are dealing with a lot of xrefs, you might run into the problem of broken xrefs. The following three reasons might have caused this: one, you did not use relative path; two, you rename the xref folder; third, you move the drawing folder around. The easiest or fastest way to fix the problem is to use the Reference Manager. To use the Reference Manager follow these steps below:

  1. Go to your Windows Start button and go to the following: Programs, Autodesk, AutoCAD, Reference Manager.
  2. On the top left menu, click on “Add drawings”.

    add drawings

    Add Drawings

  3. When the Add Drawings browser pops up, browse for your files location.
  4. Once you have selected your files an “Add Xref” window inquiry will pop up asking you to choose between Add all xrefs automatically or Add only the first-level xrefs. Select “Add all xrefs automatically”.
  5. On the right side in the Reference Manager window, select the Type column label on top to arrange all your files by type so that all your xrefs are grouped together.
  6. You can do (Shift and Select) on your keyboard to select all the xref files at once.
  7. On the top menu select “Edit selected Paths”.
  8. When the “Edit selected Paths” menu pops up, select the little browse button on the right and browse for your new xref path and click Ok.


    Edit Selected Paths

  9. To finish, select “Apply Changes” on the top menu.
  10. An Updating Drawing Format window will pop up. Click on “Yes to all”.


    Updating Drawing Format

Show Partial XREF using XCLIP

Many times we refer to an external drawing, but we only need to show part of it. Sometimes we use a viewport to show the area we need on paperspace. Now I will tell you how you can show partial xref using the XCLIP command.

To achieve that do the following:

  1. Type XCLIP in the command line then select the XREF when prompted to select object.
  2. For clipping options select NEW.
  3. For boundary there are many options: Polyline, polygonal, rectangular, invert clip. I usually use rectangular, but choose the best fit for your needs.
  4. Once you select one of the options, for example, if you choose rectangular, just draw a rectangle around the area you want to show from the XREF and that is it!

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